New ore minerals in the Kingashsky ultramafic massif (North¬west part of the East Sayan Mountains)

Yurichev A.N., Chemyshov A. N.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2016. V. 145. N 3. P. 14-22

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Language: Russian


The study was focused upon the previously uncharacterized ore mineralization in rocks of the Kingashsky massif representing the petrotype of the Kingashsky ultramafic complex in the Kan block of the Eastern Sayan Mountains which includes the cognominal large Cu-Ni deposit with PGM. Despite the increasing interest of many researchers for the massif, the numerous questions on its petrological nature and mechanism of the Pt-Cu-Ni ores formation and location in it remain currently debatable. For the first time, together with previously known ore minerals, in the paper are identified and described some new for the massif mineral species: argentite, ferrous sperrylite, Te-bearing maychenerite, gersdorffite, cobalite and thorianite. The composition of ore mineralization in the massif has peculiarities connected with geochemical specialization of the ore-magmatic system, which is distinguished by the ferruginousity. Thus, the Kingashsky ore field has the close similatiry to other copper-nickel deposits of the Early Proterozoic: Dzhinchuan (China), Pechenga (Russia), Ungava (Canada), Mouth Scholl (Australia), etc.

Key words: Kingashsky massif, ultramafites, ore minerals, thorianite, chemical composition.