150 years of «Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society»

Marin Yu. B, Petrov D. A.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2016. V. 145. N 5. P. 1-16

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Language: Russian


The year 2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the starting issue of second series of «Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society», which is the oldest journal of mineralogical scientific societies in the world. Over the years there have been published more than 9.000 scientific articles. The journal changed its name several times: «Proceedings of the Imperial Saint Petersburg Mineralogical Society» (1866—1917), «Proceedings of the All-Russian Mineralogical Society» (1924—1947 and 1992—2004), «Proceedings of the All-Union Mineralogical Society» (1948—1991). There were a lot of famous geologists among authors of «Proceedings»: N. I. Koksharov, P. V. Eremeyev, I. V. Mushketov, A. A. Inostrantsev, K. I. Bogdanovich, Ye. S. Fedorov, A. P. Karpinsky, A. P. Gerasimov, A. G. Betekhtin, A. K. Boldyrev, Yu. A. Bilibin, D. P. Grigor’yev, A. N. Zavaritsky, D. S. Korzhinsky, D. V. Nalivkin, V. A. Nikolayev, S. S. Smirnov, N. S. Sobolev, I. I. Shafranovsky, A. A. Marakushev, and many others. The journal publishes articles in five fields: mineralogy, crystallography and crystal chemistry, petrography, geochemistry and mineral deposits. Now «Proceedings» takes an appreciable place among the Russian geological journals, it is indexed in international databases of Science Citation.

Key words: Proceedings of the RMS, history of science, mineralogy, crystallography and crystal chemistry, petrography, geochemistry, mineral deposits.