Volume 130, issue 1

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Unusual form of the fluorite segregation in the weathering crust of Khibiny alkaline massif

Dorfman M. D.

Pages 59-60

On peculiarities in composition of olivines from dunites of zoned massifs at Karyakia and Kamchatka

Landa E. A., Markovsky B. A., Sidorov E. G., Tolmacheva E. V.

Pages 60-65

Rare earth elements in garnets from rocks of the Lapland granulite belt

Skublov S. G., Drugova G. M., Vrevsky A. B.

Pages 66-71

Structural evolution of micas within metasomatic halo of Safyanovskoye massive sulfide ore deposit

Grabezhev A. 1., Zhukhlistov A. P., Moloshag V. P., Korovko A. V., Pal'gueva G. V.

Pages 90-94

Sadanagaite series in Il'menogorsky alkaline complex (the Urals, Russia)

Nikandrov S. N., Kobyashev Yu. S., Valizer P. M.

Pages 95-98

Solid solutions of woodhouseite-svanbergite-florencite in secondary quartzites

Silaev V. I., Filippov V. N., Sokerin M. Yu.

Pages 99-110

Investigation techniques for minerals, rocks and ores

Investigation of sillenite (γ-Bi2O3) by the NQR method (the new data)

Penkov I. N.

Pages 111-113

Luminescence of calcite under pulse electron excitation

Lisitsyn V. M., Korepanov V. I., Kuznetsov M. F., Polisadova E. F., Poluektova T. I., Bazhenov A. I.

Pages 114-118

Discussions, criticism, bibliography

Once more about genesis of carbonatites of Khalyutinskoye ore deposit (Western Transbaikalia)

Bulnaev K. B.

Pages 119-127