Volume 131, issue 3

Mineral composition and forming condi¬tions of the high-baric metagranites (the Urals)

Fershtater C. B.,Borodina N. S., Osipova T. A., Shardakova C. Yu

Pages 1-22

Defect crystal structures of micas in ultramafites and mafites from the Kola superdeep borehole

Nikitina L P., Ovchinnikov N. O., Babushkina M. S., Yakovleva A. K., Yakovlev Yu. N., Chernova 0. G., Go-do E. A.

Pages 23-44

Investigation techniques for minerals, rocks and ores

Mineralogical mapping of ore-bearing areas: goals, techniqu¬es, applied effectiveness, completing. 4. Mineralogical mapping of ore fields

Chekvaidze V. B., Zhabin A. G., Isakovich I. Z.

Pages 82-96

Discussions, criticism, bibliography

The new chapter of the crystal chemistry

Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V.

Pages 115-116

Carbonatites of Khalyutinskoye deposit (on the question of their genesis)

Ripp G. S., Khodanovich P. Yu., Kobylkina O. V.

Pages 119-124