Volume 131, issue 4

New minerals

Vitimite, Ca6B14O19[SO4](ОН)14 ∙ 5Н2О — a new mineral and conditions of its formation in Solongo deposit, Buryatia

ChukanovN. V., Pekov I. V., Malinko S. V., Zadov A. E., Dubinchuk V. T.

Pages 41-47

Greifensteinite Ca2Be4(Fe2+,Mn)5(PO4)6(ОН)4 • 6Н2О — a new mineral from Greifenstein, Saxony

Chukanov N. V., Möckel S., Rastsvetaeva R. K., Zadov A. E.

Pages 47-52

Minerals and mineral parageneses

A. X-ray luminescence of fluorites from ore deposits of different formation-genetic types

Moroshkin V. V., Rassulov V.

Pages 59-69

Allanites of Western Transbaikalia

Ripp G. S., Karmanov N. S., Kanakin S. V., Doroshkevich A. G.

Pages 92-106

Experimental mineralogy

Synthesis of new Ba and Pb borates in hydrothermal conditions

Dimitrova O. V.

Pages 107-110


Report on the Russian Mineralogical Society activities in 2001

Karyakina T. A.

Pages 118-134