Volume 131, issue 5

Fullerenes: a brief review of the problem

Voytekhovsky Yu. L

Pages 1-11

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Conditions of formation of tellurides in massive sulfides ores and copper-gold-porphyry deposits of the Urals

Moloshag V. P.. Grabezhev A. I., Gulyaeva T. Ya.

Pages 40-53

The new data on the domeykite Cu3As structure obtained by the nuclear quadruple resonance (NQR) method

Begaev B. B., Duglav V. V., Kalchev V. P., Kryukov E. V., Pen'kov I. N.

Pages 54-60

Isocubanite from sulfide ores of the Rainbow hydrothermal field (Mid-Atlantic ridge, 36° 14' N)

Mozgova N. N., Borodaev Yu. S., Gablina 1. F., Cherkashev G. A., Stepanova T. V., Zhirnov E. A.

Pages 61-69

IR-spectra of the grossular-andradite garnets

Kurazhkovskaya V. S., Borovikova E. Yu

Pages 70-74

Discussions, criticism, bibliography

«Feldspars» — the up-to-date handbook by Deer, Howie and Zussman

Bulakh A.

Pages 122-125