Volume 132, issue 2

History of the science

News for the history of gem minerals discoveries in Tansbaikalia

Yurgenson G. A., Goriachkina A, G.

Pages 41-48

Surkhobite (Ca.Na)*(Ba,K)(Fe2+,Mn)4Ti2(Si4O14)O2(F,OH,O)3

, the new mineral (the Alai Ridge, Tadjikistan)

Eskova E. M., Dusmatov V. D., Rastsvetaeva R. K., ChukanovN. V., VoronkovA. A.

Pages 60-67

Ferrosaponite - the new trioctahedral smectite

ChukanovN. V., Pekov I. V., Zadov A.E., Chukanova V. N., Mökkel S.

Pages 67-74

Minerals and mineral parageneses

The find of ruby in mica rock of East Tuva

Kudryavtseva A. I., Kudryavtsev V. I.

Pages 75-77

Rare-earth's elements in garnets and amphiboles of the Keivsky block rocks

Shcheglova T. P., Drugova G. M., Skublov S. G.

Pages 76-86

Experimental mineralogy

Growth of diamond from solution in the CaCO3 melt

Khokhryakov A. F., Borzdov Yu. M., Pal'yanov Yu. N., SokolA. G.

Pages 87-94

About mechanism of the fibrous structure appearing in cubic diamond crystals

Sonin V. M., Bagryantsev D. C, Chepurov A. I., Dirippe J.-M.

Pages 95-98

Anomalies of the growth rates and the habit of sodium chlorate crystals

Glikin A. E., Bocharov S. N., Kiryanova E. V., Sipyagin V. V.

Pages 99-107

The IV International symposium «Mineralogical museums»

Krivovichev V. G., Anastasenko G. F., Golynskaya 0. A.

Pages 115-118