Volume 132, issue 6

New minerals

Kapustinite, a new mineral from Lovozero massif (Kola peninsula) and the new data on the genetic crystallochemistry of the lovozerite group

Pekov I. V., Chukanov N. V., Yamnova N. A., Egorov-Tismenko Yu. K., Zadov A. E.

Pages 1-14

Moskvinite-(Y),NA2K(Y,REE)[SI6O15], a new mineral

Agakhanov A. A., Pautov L. A., Sokolova E. V., Hawthorne F. C, Karpenko V. Y.

Pages 15-20

New minerals. LVII

Kudryashova V. I., Smolyaninova V. N.

Pages 21-33

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Mineralogy of the Precambrian gold ore deposit Rybozero (Eastern Karelia)

Kuleshevich L V.

Pages 34-43

On luminescent properties of Ti-Ta-Nb minerals

Gorobets B. S., Rogozhin A. A.

Pages 44-53

Peculiarities of chemical composition of the scapolite group Minerals

Zolotarev A. A., Petrov T. G., Moshkin S. V.

Pages 63-84

Mineralogical cristallography

Outliers of calcite symmetry

GlikinA. E., Gerasimova E. N., Galuskin E. V.

Pages 85-86

Mysterious pseudocrystals

Vakhrushev V. A.

Pages 87-89