Volume 133, issue 2

Graphite-bearing Mg-Ca metasomatites of the main Sayan fault (Sayan region)

Savelyeva V. В., Travin A. V., Sizykh Yu. I.

Pages 1-27

New minerals

Ankinovichite — the nickel analogue of alvanite — a new mineral from Kurumsak (Kazakhstan) and Kara-Chagyr (Kyrgyzstan)

Karpenko V. Y., Pautov L. A., Sokolova E. V., Hawthorne F. G., Agakhanov A. A., Dikaya T. V., Bekenova G. K.

Pages 59-70

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Minerals of precious metals in the Kara-Oss creek gold placer of the Kaa-Khem ophiolite belt (Tuva)

Oidup Ch. K., Agafonov L. V., Mongush A. A.

Pages 71-75

Thermal recombination of paramagnetic Al-centers in quartz and the EPR dating

ShabalinR. V., VyatkinS. V.,Gurbanov A. G.,KoshchugD. G.

Pages 76-88

Mineralogical cristallography

Adsorption mechanism of morphological stability loss during the crystal growth

Punin Yu. O., Franke V. D., Kenunen D. S.

Pages 100-111

The real simple crystallographic forms

Voytekhovsky Yu. L., Stepenshchikov D. G.

Pages 112-120

Investigation techniques for minerals, rocks and ores

Comparative informational weights of lithochemical and mineralogical samples taken in the same points

Zhabin A. G., Lyakhovich T. T.

Pages 121-122