Volume 133, issue 3

Microbiological transformation of basalts of the Great Fissure Tolbachik Eruption into lesukitc

Filatov S. K., Vergasova L. P., Stepanova E. L., Kutuzova R. S., Polyukova I. G.

Pages 1-11

New minerals

Rudenkoite Sr3Al3,5Si3,5Oio(OH7, 5,Oo,5)C12*H2O, a new mineral from phlogopite deposits of S

Chukanov N. B., Dubinchuk V. T., Murashko M. N., Zadov A. E., Karpenko V. Yu.

Pages 37-41

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Gold-lollingite mineralization in the Northern Caucasus (the Bolshaya Laba river area)

Bogush I.A., Burtsev A. A., Sendetsky 1.1., Yakushev V. V.

Pages 42-44

Tellurides and selenides in ore deposits of Kuraminskaya metallogenic zone (the West Tien-Shan, Uzbekistan)

Koneev R. I., Turesebekov A. Kh., Ignatikov E. N., Aripov U. K.

Pages 45-50

On the X-ray powder diffractogram of kassite and its relationship with cafetite

Pekov I. V., Schneider J., Pushcharovsky D. Yu.

Pages 51-54

Mineralogical cristallography

Evenkite: symmetry, chemical composition, identification and thermal behavior

Kotelnikova E. N., Filatov S. K., Chukanov N. V.

Pages 80-91

Morphology and genesis of fluorite replacing calcite in modeled systems

Kiryanova E. V., Glikin A. E., Franke W. A.

Pages 92-104

Discussions, criticism, bibliography

About signs of mechanical and chemical effects upon diamond crystals from the Urals deposits

Anftlogov V. N.

Pages 105-107

The new original textbook-monograph on genetic mineralogy

Petrov T. G., Gordienko V. V.

Pages 108-110


XV International conference on X-ray diffraction and crystal chemistry of minerals

Filatov S. K., Krzhizhanovskaya M. G.

Pages 111-114

Anniversary Fedorov session 2003

Glazov A. I.

Pages 114-116