Volume 135, issue 6

New minerals

Zinclipsombite, ZnFe23+(PO4)2(OH)2-a new mineral

Chukanov N. V., Pekov I. V., Mockel S., Zadov A. E., Dubinchuk V. T.

Pages 13-18

Recommended nomenclature of epidote group minerals (brief information)

Armbruster T., Bonazzi P., Akasaka M., Bermanec V., Chopin C, Giere R., Heuss-Assbichler S., Liebscher A., Menchetti S., Pan Ya., Pasero M.

Pages 19-23

New minerals. LX

Kudryashova V. I., Smolyahinova V. N.

Pages 23-37

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Zonal-sectorial crystals of pyrite-vaesite from hydrothermalites in serpentinites of West Amanbulak (Turkmenistan)

Popov V. A., Popova V. I., Vlasova I. V., Nedosekova I. L., Nishanbaev T. P.

Pages 38-41

Corundum group minerals in rocks of Khibiny alkaline massif (Kola Peninsula)

Mikhailova Yu. A., Konopleva N. G., Yakovenchuk V. N., Ivanyuk G. Yu., Men'shikov Yu. P., Pakhomovsky Ya. A.

Pages 41-54

Organic mineralogy

The higher anthraxolites

Philippov M. M., Cherevko N. K., Golubev E. A.

Pages 59-66

Experimental mineralogy

Optical properties and crystal chemistry of synthetic rutile implanted with cobalt ions

Bakhtin A. I., Lopatin O. N., Khaibullin R. I., Khaibullin I. B.

Pages 79-88

Inclusions of metal-solvent and color in B-containing monocrystals of artificial diamond

Chepurov A. I., Zhimulev E. I., Fedorov I. I., Sonin V. M.

Pages 97-101

Discussions, bibliography, reviews

Triad as the principal structural-senetic element of the ore-bearing quartz veins

Yurgenson G. A.

Pages 102-115

A new manual of crystallography

Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V.

Pages 119-121


Fedorov session 2006

Morozov M. V.

Pages 122-124