Volume 136, issue 2

New minerals

Attikaite, Ca3Cu2Al2(AsO4)4(OH)4·2H2O, a new mineral

Chukanov N.V., Pekov I.V., Zadov A.E.

Pages 17-24

Minerals and mineral parageneses

The rare case of myrmekite intergrowths of ilmenite and fassaite

Korinevsky V.G.

Pages 56-61

Hypergenic alterations of monazite

Golovachev A.F .,Saldau E.P.

Pages 74-78

Mineralogical cristallography

Crystal chemistry of natural and synthetic lead oxohalogenides.I.Crystal structure of Pb13O10Cl6

Siidra O.I., Krivovichev S.V., Depmeier W.

Pages 79-90

The adsorption mechanism of non-equilibrium impurity incorporation in growing crystals

Franke V.D., Punin Yu.O., Smetannikova O.G., Kenunen D.S.

Pages 90-103