Volume 137, issue 6

Consequence of metamorphism events in the Earlier Precambrian in southern part of the Prince Charles mountains (East Antarctica)

Semenov V. S., Kamenev E. N., Mikhailov V. M., Kamenev I. A., Semenov I. V.

Pages 1-27

New minerals

Droninoite, Ni3Fe3+Cl(OH) 8·2H2O, a new hydrotalcite-group mineral from the weathered meteorite Dronino

Chukanov N. V., Pekov I. V., Levitskaya L. A., Zadov A. E.

Pages 38-46

Calcioolivine γ- Ca2SO4-an old and new mineral species

Zadov A. E., Gazeyev V. M., Pertsev N. N., Gurbanov A. G., Gobechiya E. R., Yamnova N. A., Chukanov N. V.

Pages 46-57

New minerals. LXII

Kudryashova V. I., Smolyaninova V. N.

Pages 58-75

History of the science

The prominent mineralogist and petrologist (to the 100th anniversary of Academician V. S. Sobolev)

Dobretsov N. L., Marin Yu. B., Reverdatto V. V., Rundkvist D. V.

Pages 76-84

Minerals and mineral parageneses

New finding of cuprous gold in association with minerals of rodingites (Kaa-Khemsky ophiolite belt, Tuva)

Murzin V. V., Oydup Ch. K., Varlamov D. A.

Pages 85-98

Magnetites and rutiles in carbonatites of Veseloye occurrence (Northern Transbaikalia)

Ripp G. S., Doroshkevich A. G., Karmanov N. S., Lastochkin E. I., Badmatzyrenov M. V.

Pages 111-125