Volume 138, issue 1

Water in mineral structures of mantle peridotites: connection with thermal and redox conditions of the upper mantle

Babushkina M. S., Nikitina L. P., Goncharov A. G., Ponomareva N. I.

Pages 3-19

Kirishites-the hair-like high-carbon forms associated with volkhovites

Skublov G. T., Marin Yu. B., Skublov S. G., Vasiliev E. V., Gembitskaya I. M., Nechaev E. F., Tarasenko Yu. N.

Pages 20-36

The pyrogenetic iron ores of the ancient coal fires of Kuzbass

Nigmatulina E. N., Nigmatulina E. A.

Pages 52-68

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Native palladium in gold from conglomerates of Telposskaya (O1 tp) series (the Maldynyrd Ridge, the Near-Polar Urals)

Nikulova N. Yu., Filippov V. N.

Pages 69-72

The low-aluminum nevadaite from the Kara-Chagyr area, Kyrgyzstan

Karpenko V. Yu., Pautov L. A., Agakhanov A. A.

Pages 83-90

About nature of crimson colouring of the pirope-almandine family garnets from the high aluminium gneisses

Gordienko V. V., Simonenko K. V., Matsyuk S. S., Sakharov A. N. , Gordienko Vl. Vl., Yakovleva A. K.

Pages 105-108

Micas of Khalyuta carbonatite complex (West Transbaikalia)

Ripp G. S., Doroshkevich A. G., Karmanov N. S., Kanakin S. V.

Pages 108-122

Kalsilite in Khibiny and Lovozero alkaline massif (Kola Peninsula)

Pakhomovsky Ya. A., Yakovenchuk V. N., Ivanyuk G. Yu.

Pages 123-129

Mineralogical crystallography

Crystal-chemistry of senelates with mineral-like structures. VIII. Butlerite chains in the K(UO2)(SeO4)(OH)(H2O) structure

Gurzhy V. V., Bessonov A. A., Krivovichev S. V., Tananaev I. G., Armbruster T., Myasoyedov B. F.

Pages 130-136

Thermal expansion of new minerals-arsenates: bradachekite NaCu4(AsO4)3 and urusovite Cu(AsAlO5))

Filatov S. K., Rybin D. S., Krivovichev S. V., Vergasova L. P.

Pages 136-143