Volume 138, issue 4

Evaluation of degree of nonequilibrity for diamondgenerating kimberlite systems

Dech V. N., Zinchenko Vl. N., Glebovitsky V. A.

Pages 1-10

New minerals, classification and nomenclature of minerals

Nickeltalmessite, Ca2Ni(AsO4) 2·2H2O -a new fairfieldite-group mineral from Bou Azzer, Morocco

Chukanov N. V., Mukhanova A. A., Möckel Sh., Belakovskiy D. I., Levitskaya L. A.

Pages 32-39

Organic mineralogy and biomineralogy

Apatite-gelatine-nanocomposites—analogues of biological hard tissues. I. Synthesis and characterization of composites. Isomorphic substitutions in the carbonate-bearing apatite-(CaF) crystal

Rosseeva E. V., Simon P., Schwarz U., Buder J., Frank-Kamenetskaya O. V., Kniep R.

Pages 53-71

Statistical characteristics of the oscillatory zoning in oxalate renal stones

Izatulina A. R., Shtukenberg A. G., Punin Yu. O.

Pages 71-81

Investigation techniques for minerals, rocks and ores

Diagrams to measure in conoscope the angle between optical axes in oblique symmetrical cross-sections

Kompaneytsev V. P.

Pages 82-96

Discussions, bibliography, reviews

The new monograph on charoite

Bulakh A. G.

Pages 113-114