Volume 140, issue 2

Accessory minerals of the Primorsky rapakivi granite complex (the west Baikal region)

Savelieva V. B., Bazarova E. P., Karmanov N. S.

Pages 38-58

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Gold-bearing copper ores of Voronov Bor deposit in Paleoproterozoic sediments of Karelia

Kuleshevitch L. V., Lavrov O. B.

Pages 74-84

About crystal morphology of marсasite

Treivus E. B.

Pages 84-92

Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores

Water in granulated quartz of the Urals: investigation by the IR-Fourier spectroscopy method at low temperatures

Shtenberg M. V., Bykov V. N. .

Pages 93-102