Volume 140, issue 5

Geochemistry of zircons from ultrametamorphic granitoids in the boundary zone between Aldan shield and Dzhugdzhur-Stanovoy folded area

Glebovitsky V. A., Sedova I. S., Skublov S. G., Samorukova L. M., Fedoseenko A. M.

Pages 15-35

New minerals, classification and nomenclature minerals

Vladimirivanovite, Na2Ca2[Al6Si6O24](SO4,S3,S2,Cl)2·Н22O-a new mineral of

Sapozhnikov A. N., Kaneva E. V., Cherepanov D. I., Suvorova L. F., Levitsky V. I., Ivanova L. A., Reznitsky L. Z.

Pages 36-45

Lammerite- βCu3(AsO4)2-a new mineral from fumarolcs of the Great Tolbachic eruption (Kamchatka, Russia)

Starova G. L., Vergasova L. P., Filatov S. K., Britvin S. N.,. Ananyev V. V.

Pages 46-52

Current information of CNM RMS

Bulakh A. G., Krivovichev V. G.

Pages 53

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Typomorphic features of placer gold in the Anabar river midstream basin (north-east of Siberian platform)

Gerasimov В. В., Nikiforova Z. S.

Pages 53-62

Discussions, bibliography, reviews

Nature of different compositions of inclusions in diamond

Shkodzinsky V. S.

Pages 92-99


Report of the Russian Mineralogical Society activities in 2010

Karyakina T. A., Morozov M. V.

Pages 100-118