Volume 142, issue 1

Rare metal mineralization in granite pegmatites of Rezhevsky area at the Middle Urals

Popova V. I., Gubin V. A., Churin E. I., Kotlyarov V. A., Khiller V. V.

Pages 23-38

New minerals, classification and nomenclature of minerals

Lahnsteinite, Zn4(SO4)(HO)6·ЗН2О-a new mineral from the Friederichssegen mine, Germany

Chukanov N. V., Rastsvetaeva R. K., Aksenov S. M., Pekov 1. V., Belakovsky D. I., Blass G., Möhn G.

Pages 39-46

Refinement of the crystal structure of bonshtedtite Na3Fe(P04)(CО3)

Krivovichev S. V., Chernyatyeva A. P., Britvin S. N., Yakovenchuk V. N., Krivovichev V. G.

Pages 46-54

History of the science

Some traces in mineralogical inheritance of Academician N. P. Yushkin

Askhabov A. M., Marin Yu. B.

Pages 55-63

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Native cadmium in Severo-Girvassky ore occurrence (Central Karelia)

Lavrov О. В., Kuleshevich L.

Pages 64-74

Hypergene minerals in copper-zinc ore occurrences of Koakoland area (Kunene region, Namibia)

Ermolina O. S., Belogub E. V., Khvorov P. V., Bowell R. J., Egorova L.

Pages 75-87

Millerite in ores of Elovskoye nickel deposit and its genesis in the light of isotopic data

Talovina I. V., Lazarenkov V. G., Kempe U., Tikhomirova M., Mezentseva O. P., Pilyugin A. G.

Pages 87-99

Discussions, bubliography, reviews

To the problem of genesis of rounded diamond crystals

Shkodzinsky V. S.

Pages 121-126


Annual session of the Russian Mineralogical Society combined with the Fedorov session 2012

Morozov M. V., Petrov D. A., Karyakina T. A.

Pages 133-139