Volume 142, issue 4

Geochemical peculiarities of minerals in anatectic migmatites of the Northern Ladoga region Svekofennides

Glebovitsky V. A., Sedova I. S., Skublov S. G., Samorukova L. M.

Pages 1-31

Composition of brines in the Upper Pechora evaporate basin at the halite crystallization stage

Galamay A. R., Shanina S. N., Ignatovich О. О.

Pages 32-46

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Features of photoluminescence centers in cubic diamonds of various coloration from placers in the north-east of Siberian platform

Zudina N. N., Titkov S. V., Sergeev A. M., Zudin N. G.

Pages 57-72

Fluorobritholite-(Y) and yttrialite-(Y) from silexites of Keivy peralkaline granites of Kola Peninsula

Lyalina L. M., Zozulya D. R., Savchenko Ye. E., Tarasov M. P., Selivanova E. A., Tarasova E.

Pages 72-89

Peculiarities of composition of the llmenogorsky complex clinopyroxenes: the new data

Nikandrov A. S., Nikandrov S. N., Nikandrova N. K.

Pages 90-100

Mineralogical crystallography

Peculiarities of the charoite X-ray powder diffraction pattern

Rozhdestvenskaya I. V., Drits V. A.

Pages 101-112

Crystal-chemical peculiarities of chromites from ophiolite complexes of the Urals

Bakhtin A. I., Lopatin O. N., Nikolaev A. G., Sabirov A. M.

Pages 112-117

Discussions, bubliography, reviews

Crystallography of minerals and the laws of atomic ordering

Borisov S. V., Magarill S. A., Pervukhina N. V.

Pages 118-126