Volume 143, issue 1

New minerals, classification and nomenclature of minerals

Ferroindialite (Fe2+,Mg)2Al4Si5O18, a new beryl-group mineral from the Eifel volcanic region, Germany

Chukanov N. V., Aksenov S. M., Pekov I. V., Ternes В., Schuller W., Belakovskiy D. I., Van K. V., Blass G.

Pages 46-56

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Mn-Zn-bearing ilmenite in porphyries of the Middle Urals

Pribavkin S. V., Avdonina I. S., Zamyatin D. A., Glavatskikh S. P.

Pages 59-67

Loparite-(Ce) in rocks of Lovozero layered complex at Karnasurt and Kedykvyrpakhk Mts

Pakhomovsky Ya. A., Ivanyuk G. Yu., Yakovenchuk V. N.

Pages 68-87

Minerals of gadolinite-(Y)—hingganite-(Y) series in alkaline granites pegmatites of Kola Peninsula

Lyalina L. M., Selivanova E. A., Savchenko Ye. E., Zozulya D. R., Kadyrova G. I.

Pages 87-101

Discussions, bubliography, reviews

Nature of the evolution of carbon isotope composition during the diamond-forming

Shkodzinskiy V. S.

Pages 118-125