Volume 143, issue6

New minerals, classification and nomenclature of minerals

New Minerals. LXVIII

Smolyaninova V. N.

Pages 54-83

New minerals in the book «Caledonian complex...»

Bagdasarov E. A., Kondratieva V. V., Bulakh A. G.

Pages 84-87

Mineralogical crystallography

Crystal structure of «betalomonosovite»: new data

Yakubovich O. V., Karimova O. V., Ageeva O. A., Borutsky B. Ye.

Pages 88-103

Organic Mineralogy

Influence of the albumin substance and bacteria on formation of urinal phosphate stones (according to results of the modeling experiment)

Nikolaev A. M, Kuzmina M. A., Izatulina A. R., Frank-Kamenetskaya O. V., Malyshev V. V.

Pages 120-133