Coalingite from the kimberlite breccia of Manchary pipe (Central Yakutia)

N. V. Zayakina, I. A. Oleinikov, O. I. Vasilieva, N. A. Oparin.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2015. V. 144. N 1. P. 115-121

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Language: Russian


Full text is available on eLIBR Rare magnesium-ferrous hydrated carbonate — ñîalingite Mg10Fe2(CO3)·(OH)24·2H2O has been found while studying the mineral composition of the disintegrated kimberlite breccia from the Manchary pipe of the Hompu May field located in the Tamma River basin, Central Yakutia, 100 km to south from Yakutsk city. Coalingite occurs as small reddish brown platelets, up to 0.2 mm in size. It forms association with lizardite, chrysotile and brucite, which is its typical paragenesis, characteristic also for kimberlites. Coalingite belongs to supergene minerals, but in the studied case its formation is due to interaction of the brucite-bearing kimberlite with underground interbed waters circulating through vertical or oblique faulting zone.

Key words: coalingite, magnesium-ferrous hydrated carbonate, brucite, lizardite, chrysolite, kimberlite, Yakutia.