Improved data on kyzylkumite from its type-locality on the base of studied co-type material

Reznitsky L. Z., Suvorova L. F., Ushchapovskaya Z. F., Murashko M. N., Barash I. G.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2015. V. 144. N 2. P. 61-70

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Language: Russian


Investigation was focused upon the co-type of kyzylkumite from its type-locality — Koscheka deposit in Kyzylkum desert, where this mineral has been discovered. X-ray powder diffraction data and chemical composition of the co-type are analogous to kyzylkumite from the Southern Baikal region (Russia). Thus, structural data and crystal-chemical formula V2Ti4O10(OH)2 of the Baikalian analogue can be applied for kyzylkumite from the Kyzylkum desert also. Several new Ti-V-Fe phases, an iron hydroxide, unknown among mineral species, and two rare earth phosphates: churchite-(Y) and monazite-(Ce, Nd) have been found as intergrowths within kyzylkumite.

Key words: Kyzylkumite, type-locality, co-type, chemical composition, X-ray powder data, association.