Volume 144, issue 4

Applied mineralogy

Practice of technical mineralogy: phase-forming processes in a monolith on the base of fly ash

Chervonny A. D., Chukanov N. V., Pekov I.V.

Pages 13-25

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Natural system of fornacitc -vauquelinitc—embreyite solid solutions and variations in the chemical composition of these minerals from occurrences of the Urals

Khanin D. A., Pekov I. V., Pakunova A. V., Ekimenkova I. A., Yapaskurt V. O.

Pages 36-60

Ikaite (СаСО3·6Н2O) in bottom sediments of the Laptevs' sea and the role of anaerobic methane oxidation in this mineral-forming process

Krylov A. A., Logvina E. A., Matveeva T. V., Prasolov E. M., Sapega V. F., Demidova A. L., Radchenko M. S.

Pages 61-75

Mössbauerite and trebeurdenite from bottom sediments of the Bol'shoy Tatkul' Lake (Ilmen Mountains, the South Urals)

Nikandrova N. K., Shcherbakova E. P., Valizer P. M., Nikandrov A. 5., Nikandrox S. N.

Pages 75-83

Mineralogical crystallography

Atomistic computer modeling of the crystal-morphology of corundum group minerals

Gromalova N. A., Eremin N. N., Urusov V. S.

Pages 84-92

Refinement of the crystal structure of averievite Cu5O2(VO4)·nМСlx(М=Сu,Cs,Rb,К)

Krivovichev S. V., Filatov S. K.. Vergasova L. P.

Pages 101-109

Discussions, bibliography, reviews

This book needed for school and work

T. G. Petrov.

Pages 116-117