About an occurrence of precious metal mineralization in ferruginous quartzites of Svintsovye tundras (Olenegorsky district)

Persiyanov E. V., Neradovsky Yu. N., Sdvchenko E. E.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2015. V. 144. N 5. P. 54-64

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Language: Russian


The study of ferruginous quartzites of Svintsovye tundras was carried out within frame of exploration expanded into north-west part of Olenegorsky district and connected with prospecting in this area for precious metals, which had been detected there previously in tailings of the iron ore processing plant. Systematical study of metasomatically altered quartzites in samples from core of exploration drilling has revealed there 5 mineral associations including the Ag-Te-Bi-bearing one combined with the polymetallic Cu-Pb-Zn association. This precious metal mineralization has the clear Ni-Co background and it might appear due to input of elements by post-metamorphic hydrothermal processes which provided formation of metasomatites and pegmatites. In general, these post-metamorphic processes (after the 2790±7 Ma age of ferruginous quartzites) included intrusion of Archean potassic granites (2630±30 Ma), development of the Paleoproterozoic Imandra-Varzuga rifting structure (2500—1800 Ma) and the well known Paleozoic alkaline magmatism.

Key words: banded iron ores, Svintsovye tundras, metasomatites, Archean potassium granites, pegmatites.