Nikolae-Maksimilianovskaya medal of the Imperial Saint Petersburg Mineralogical Society

Kurguzova A. V., Vvedensky N. G.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2015. V. 144. N 5. P. 48-53

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Language: Russian


Prince Nikolay Maksimilianovich Romanovsky, Duke of Leuchtenberg (1843—1890) was the grandson of the Russian Emperor Nikolay I. Besides the military service, in 1865—1890 he was the President of the Imperial Saint Petersburg Mineralogical Society, and its really active member keen in mineralogy. The special solemn session of the Society has been dedicated to the 25th anniversary of his presidency, and the medal named in his honor was established as the Society’s prize for advances in mineralogy, geology, paleontology.

Key words: Nikolae-Maksimilianovskaya medal, hictory, Russian Mineralogical Society, Imperial Saint Petersburg Mineralogical Society.