Volume 144, issue 6

The find of anisotropic carbon substance on the curve-faced diamond crystal

Brodskaya R. L., Golubev Ε. Α., Isaenko S. I.

Pages 1-8

Composition, the U-Pb isotope age and source of zircon in the Ichetju polymineral occurrence (the Middle Timan)

Makeyev A. B.,Bayanova Т. В., Borisovskiy S. E., Zhilicheva О, М.

Pages 9-18

Hypergenic transformation of titanite

Matrenichev V. Α., Skublov S. G.

Pages 19-34

New minerals

New minerals. LXIX

Smolyaninova V. N.

Pages 35-60

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Species of As and Au in secondary dispersion halos of the Piilola gold occurrence in East Finland

Sergeev A. V., Korshunova V. A.,Semenova V, V., Charykova M. V.

Pages 61-74

Investigation techniques for minerals, rocks and ores

Scanning electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy as the complex techniques to investigate the zoning of minerals (by example of spinels from archean komatiites)

Chazhengina S. Yu,, Rybnikova Z, P., Svetov S. A.

Pages 94-106