Composition, the U-Pb isotope age and source of zircon in the Ichetju polymineral occurrence (the Middle Timan)

Makeyev A. B.,Bayanova Т. В., Borisovskiy S. E., Zhilicheva О, М.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2015. V. 144. N 6. P. 9-18

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Language: Russian


The study was focused on morphological features, color cathodoluminescence, composition, age and the source of zircon in the Ichetju occurrence. Isotope U-Pb dating of the zircon age has shown the wide range of ages of separate grains within the interval of 700 Ma: from 2247 to 1478 Ma corresponding to Paleo-Mezoproterozoic. Morphological features of zircon grains and crystals, namely the average roundness and the well preserved integrity, allow to believe the proximal source of zircon. The vertical direction in removal of ore masses dominated over lateral one. The above mentioned data allow to conclude that basement of the Middle Timan (the most probable source of zircon for Ichetju occurrence) is composed of continental Paleo-Mezoproterozoic magmatic rocks, which may belong to prolongation of the AR-PR Arkhangelsk mobile belt.

Key words: zircon, U-Pb age, source, the Middle Timan.