The find of anisotropic carbon substance on the curve-faced diamond crystal

Brodskaya R. L., Golubev Ε. Α., Isaenko S. I.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2015. V. 144. N 6. P. 1-8

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Language: Russian


The study was focused upon diagnostics and investigation of phenomena of the crystal-optical anisotropy observed on surfaces of a curve-faced diamond crystal found in alluvial sediments of the New Us’va River in Perm region. Raman spectroscopy and AFM microscopy show that interference of polarized light reflected from tetrahexahedron faces of the diamond crystal is inspired by the anisotropic carbon substance. This matter appears to form a film with a thickness about 4 nanometers and the structure of graphene or nanographite. Obtained data allow to resume some considerations about formation of curve-faced diamond crystals and origin of the nano-crystalline carbon matter.

Key words: diamond, curve-faced crystal, carbon matter, graphene, nitrogen defects, annealing.