Loparite-(Ce) from the Khibiny alkaline massif (Kola Peninsula, Russia)

Konopleva N. G., Ivanyuk G. Yu., Pakhomovsky Ya. Α., Yakovenchuk V. N.. Mikhailova Yu. A.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2016. V. 145. N 4. P. 47-60

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Language: Russian


The paper displays data on the spread of occurrence, morphology, anatomy, composition and mineral-forming conditions of loparite-(Ce) in Khibiny alkaline massif. Formation of loparite-(Ce), (Na0.5Ce0.5)TiO3, took place as the result of metasomatic alteration and assimilation of metamorphic host rocks on the contact with foyaite, and foyaites with foidolites, and it was the most intensive one in pegmatites and albitites developed there. Composition of the loparite-(Ce) was enriched in perovskite and tausonite components, by loparite and lueshite end members, during the lower temperature evolution. Rare earth elements in it are represented mainly by La and Ce.

Key words: loparite-(Ce), Khibiny alkaline massif, typomorphism, rare earth elements.