Fluid-explosive breccias of the Vorontsovskoe gold deposit (the North Urals)

Stepanov S. Yu., Sharpenok L. N., Antonov A. V.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2017. V. 146. N 1. P. 29-43

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Language: Russian


The paper analyses geological position of the Vorontsovskoe gold deposit which is untypical for the Urals folded belt. This deposit is a part of the ore-magmatic system formed in connection with the Auerbakhovsky massif at the North Urals. There are displayed data on mineralogical-geochemical and petrographic characteristics of studied gold-bearing breccias with detail description of their cement. It contains realgar and orpiment, and, in subordinate quantity, Hg-bearing sphalerite, dimorphite, routhierite and minerals of the gruzdevite-aktashite isomorphous series. Obtained data allow to attribute these gold-bearing breccias, with realgar-orpiment cement, to fluid-explosive formations. This is one of numerous evidences to consider ore deposits connected with Auerbakhovsky massif as parts of a uniform ore-magmatic system with distinct lateral zoning.

Key words: fluid-explosive breccias,orpiment-realgar association, copper-porphyry ore system, Vorontsovskoe gold-ore deposit, Auerbakhovsky massif, the North Ural.