Growth kinetics and structure of monodispersed spherical silica particles according to data of the dynamic light scattering

Kamashev D. V., Askhabov A. M.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2017. V. 146. N 2. P. 46-57

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Language: Russian


For the first time the growth kinetics of monodispersed spherical silica particles was studied by the dynamic light scattering method in the real time. There are described the methodology of research and experimental data on dynamics of the particle size changing throughout their nucleation and growth. The simultaneous presence of at least three sizes of silica particles during their formation has been revealed, and this indicates a complex, multistage mechanism in formation of final spherules.

Key words: nucleation and growth kinetics, monodispersed spherical silica particles, dynamic light scattering, hierarchical aggregation.