Volume 146, issue 5

Stages and formation conditions of productive mineral associations of the Dalnegorskoe borosilicate deposit (the Sikhote-Alin, Russia)

Ratkin V. V., Eliseeva O. A., Pandian M. S., Orekhov A. A., Mohapatra M., Vishnu Priya S. K.

Pages 1-19

Minerals and mineral parageneses

lntermetallides of gold from placer of the Baimka River (West Chukotka)

Litvinenko I. S.

Pages 31-43

Chromceladonite of the South-Saranovskoye chromium deposit (the Urals)

Sustavov S. G., Khanin D. A., Shagalov E. S.

Pages 91-104

Mineralogical crystallography

Esseneite from xenoliths in dacite lavas. Crystal structure and genesis

Yakubovich O. V., Zayakina N. V., Oleinikov O. B., Kostin A. V.

Pages 105-115

Photohoniometry of diamond crystals dissolved in heterogeneous media under 4 GPa pressure at 1400 °С

Sonin V. M., Zhimulev E. I., Pomazansky B. S., Zemnukhov A. L., Afanasiev V. P., Chepurov A. I.

Pages 115-124