Chromceladonite of the South-Saranovskoye chromium deposit (the Urals)

Sustavov S. G., Khanin D. A., Shagalov E. S.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2017. V. 146. N 5. P. 91-104

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Language: Russian


The paper displays the complete description of chromceladonite — the mineral which was for the first time found in Yuzhno-Saranovskoye chromite deposit (the Middle Urals). Chromium-bearing micas were encountered in the Urals long ago but their detail studies started only recently. Saranovsky ore deposits are well known by discoveries of uvarovite and shuiskite, as well as a number of chromium-bearing silicates and oxides. Geological position of Yuzhno-Saranovskoye chromite deposit is analyzed. There are represented data on morphology of unusual mica segregations — in form of needle-shape individuals, and their chemical composition with high alumina content, structural features and relationship with associated minerals. High potassium activity in late hydrothermal solutions lead to substitution of uvarovite crystals by chromceladonite aggregate with relics of aluminum-chromium-bearing clinochlore and guyanaite-grimaldiite. The assumed consequence of the mineral-forming process is described with special attention to sources of mineral-forming solutions, physical conditions and chemical characteristics of the mineralization.

Key words: chromceladonite, uvarovite, chromitites, Yuzhno-Saranovskoye deposit.