Volume 147, issue 4

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Forms of arsenic concentration in sulfide-free endogenous Pb-Zn-Sb ores of the Pelagonian massif (Macedonia)

Ermolaeva V. N., Varlamov D. A., Chukanov N. V., Jančev S.

Pages 40-51

Rare metal mineralization in uncommon scapolite-bearing rocks from Ilmeny Mountains (South Urals)

Korinevsky V. G., Korinevsky E. V., Kotlyarov V.A.

Pages 52-68

Bi-bearing jamesonite (sakharovaite) in ores of the Sredne-Golgotai gold-ore deposit (East Transbaikalia, Russia)

Vakh A. S., Gvozdev V. I., Goryachev N. A., Karabtsov A. A., Fedoseev D. G., Vakh E. A.

Pages 68-84

The new scandium-bearing variety of tusionite from the East Pamirs (Tadjikistan)

Mirakov M. A., Pautov L. A., Shodibekov M. A., Plechov P. Yu., Karpenko V. Yu.

Pages 84-96

Mineralogical crystallography

Rounded diamond crystals with mixed growth mechanism from alluvial placers of the Krasnovishersky district, the Urals

Vasiliev E. A., Klepikov I. V., Antonov A. V.

Pages 114-126