Volume 147, issue 5

History of science

About the creative heritage of V. F. Barabanov (to the 100th anniversary of the birth)

L. F. Syritso, E. V. Badanina, M. V. Charykova

Pages 18-26

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Nature of crome spinel inclusions in platinum metals grains from South Urals gold placers

V. V. Zaykov , D. E. Saveliev, E. V. Zaykova

Pages 27-40

Platinum group minerals from the deluvial placer of the Veresovka river, Veresovoborsky dunite-clinopyroxenite massif (the Middle Urals)

S. Yu. Stepanov, R. S. Palamarchuk, D. A. Varlamov, A. V. Kozlov, D. A. Khanin, A. V. Antonov

Pages 40-60

Inclusions of koragit in topaz from pegmatites of the Mokrusha deposit (Urals, Russia)

N. I. Ponomareva, V. V. Gordienko, A. V. Antonov, S. V. Krivovichev, A. R. Nesterov, M. I. Kazantseva.

Pages 61-68

Discussions, bibliography, reviews

Morphology of mineral individuals in igneous rocks and the onsager reciprocal relations

R. L. Brodskaya

Pages 96-109