Morphology of mineral individuals in igneous rocks and the onsager reciprocal relations

R. L. Brodskaya

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2018. V. 147. N 5. P. 96-109

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Language: Russian


The paper describes the relationship between crystal morphology of mineral grains, which form an aggregate of igneous rocks, and some thermodynamic laws controlling the formation and behavior of the mineralogical and petrographic system in the process of its formation. A comparative analysis of the evolution of mineral individual boundaries at different stages of the magmatic process, which proceeded with different speed, was carried out. A kinetic model of crystalline grains morphology resulted from changing values of the governing parameter of cooperative rock crystallization has been formulated.

Key words: thermodynamics of nonequilibrium processes, governing parameter, Onsager reciprocity relation, kinetic coefficients, igneous rocks, crystal morphology of mineral individuals, stable boundaries.