Hydrogen in diamond and a thermal hystory of diamond crystals

E. A. Vasilev, A.V. Kozlov

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2018. V. 147. N 6. P. 103-112


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Language: Russian


We performed an analysis of the cases of synchronism in the growth temperature in local zones of diamond crystals and the concentration of hydrogen in them. The considered cases were observed by the authors and fined out in the literature. Possible causes of the simbatic change in the crystal growth temperature and the concentration of hydrogen in it are considered. The determination of the temperature change over the zones was carried out on the basis of local FTIR spectroscopy from the ratio of the nitrogen concentration in the form of defects in the crystal structure of A and B1, and size the B2 defects. The change in the hydrogen concentration in various zones of diamond crystals was estimated from the 3107 cm–1 band of the hydrogen-containing defect. It is shown that in the analyzed cases the concentration of hydrogen in diamond is determined mainly by its content in the growth medium. We accept the obtained results as evidence of the participation of hydrogen in the heat transfer in mantle mineral-forming systems.

Key words: diamond, thermal history, internal structure, hydrogen, nitrogen, FTIR.