Volume 148, issue 3

Conjugation of chemical compositions of rocks and accessory minerals in kimberlites

Vasilenko V. B., Zinchuk N. N., Kuznetsova L. G.

Pages 14-29

New minerals

Belogubite, a new mineral of the chalcanthite group from the Gayskoe deposit, the South Urals, Russia

Kasatkin A. V., Britvin S. N., Chukanov N. V., Škoda R., Agakhanov A. A., Belakovskiy D. I.

Pages 30-43

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Wolframoixiolite in lithium-fluoric granites of the Arga-Ynnakh-Khaysky massif, Yakutia

Alekseev V. I., Marin Yu. B., Galankina O. L.

Pages 44-58

Characteristics of secondary deposits in the Starateley cave (Sverdlovsk region)

Kadebskaya O. I., Dublyansky Y. V., Korotchenkova O. V.

Pages 76-83

Mineralogical crystallography

High-temperature behavior of axinite-(Mn), kornerupine and leucosphenite

Krzhizhanovskaya M. G., Bubnova R. S., Firsova V. A., Britvin S. N., Bubnova O. G., Pekov I. V.

Pages 84-93

Applied mineralogy

Fluid inclusions in «compact» quartz from the Oka-Urik block (the East Sayan)

Volkova M. G., Nepomnyashchikh A. I., Fedorov A. M.

Pages 94-101

Discussions, bibliography, reviews

Once again about the Curie dissymmetry principle

Voytekhovsky Yu. L.

Pages 118-129