Volume 148, issue 4

History of science

Several dates from the history of crystallography

Voytekhovsky Yu. L.

Pages 46-52

Geological heritage of M.V. Fishman

Pystin A. M.

Pages 53-60

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Сhevkinite-(Се) and perrierite-(Се) in the island arc quartz gabbro-norite-dolerites of the Aju-Dag intrusion, Rocky Crimea

Spiridonov E. M., Filimonov S. V., Semikolennykh E. S., Korotayeva N. N., Krivitskaya N. N.

Pages 61-79

Zoned accessory chromites from Archean komatiites of Eastern Fennoscandia, Karelian Craton (Russia): metamorphic fingerprints

Svetov S. A., Chazhengina S. Y., Singh V. K., Rybnikova Z. P., Mishra S.

Pages 80-94

Organic mineralogy and biomineralogy

Amino acid composition of gallstones and its connection with the mineral component

Mashina E. V., Shanina S. N.

Pages 95-109

Discussions, bibliography, reviews

Nature of diversity of diamonds in kimberlites

Shkodzinskiy V. S., Beskrovanov V. V.

Pages 110-124