Amino acid composition of gallstones and its connection with the mineral component

Mashina E. V., Shanina S. N.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2019. V. 148. N 4. P. 95-109

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Language: Russian


The study of the amino acid composition of gallstones of the Komi Republic residents has shown the significant differences in cholesterol and pigment specimens. It has been revealed that during formation of the carbonate or phosphate component in gallstones, the specificity of the protein component is of great importance. It is shown that the content of amino acids is higher in samples with presence of the mineral component and is non-uniform through the cross-section of gallstones. The presence of D-forms of amino acids in pigment and cholesterol gallstones is a consequence of the participation in their formation of various microorganisms.

Key words: gallstones, pathogen mineralization, biomineral formation, amino acids, cholesterol, bilirubin