The first finding of platinum group minerals in the Malmyzh gold-copper porphyry deposit, Khabarovsky region, Russia

Bukhanova D. S., Kutyrev A. V., Sidorov E. G., Chubarov V. M.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2020. V. 149. N 2. P. 12-21

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Language: Russian 


The article displays the new data about palladium-bearing mineral phases in ores of the Malmyzh gold-copper porphyry deposit. This deposit is located in the Far East of Russia, about 220 km northeast from Khabarovsk. Malmyzh porphyry ore clusters occur as stocks of Albian-Senomanian age diorites and granodiorites intruding the hornfels-altered Early Cretaceous siltstone-sandstone sequences. The detailed study of chalcopyrite veinlets at the Svoboda area of the deposit revealed the platinum group mineralization represented by sopcheite, merenskyite, kotulskite, naldrettite, arsenopalladinite. Relationships of this PGM with other ore minerals indicate their formation after the relatively earlier chalcopyrite mineralization.

Keywords: Malmyzh gold-copper porphyry deposit, platinum-group minerals, sopcheite, merenskyite, kotulskite, naldrettite, arsenopalladinite