First data on baddeleyit-zircon mineralization in differentiated Intrusions of the Bashkir meganticlinorium

Kovalev S. G., Puchkov V. N., Kovalev S. S., Vysotsky S. I.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2020. V. 149. N 4. P. 135-144

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Language: Russian 


The article gives the first description of baddeleyite-zircon mineralization in differentiated intrusions of the Bashkir meganticlinorium (Southern Urals). It has been established that baddeleyite is distributed throughout the section of the intrusive body, and zircon is found only in the gabbro horizon, where the replacement of baddeleyite with zircon is described in detail. It is concluded that this replacement was due to the process of magmatic differentiation of the melt in the intermediate chamber, when during the crystallization-gravitational differentiation of silicates of early generation, the residual melt was enriched with silica and gabbro horizon rocks were formed.

Keywords: Bashkir meganticlinorium, Тaratash complex, zircon, baddeleyite, picrites, gabbro, magmatic differentiation