Volume 149, issue 5

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Microstructural features of ophiolitic chromitites in the Kraka massif, Southern Urals. I. Banded disseminated ores

Saveliev D. E., Shilovskykh V. V., Sergeeva S. N.

Pages 59-81

Discovery of rhenium sulfides in copper sulfide ores from the Mayke ore occurence (Ulytau, Central Kazakhstan)

Levin V. L., Stepanets V. G., Li E. S., Bekenova G. K.,. Khakimzhanov M. S.

Pages 82-98

Genetic information of clay minerals of sediments of the Uzkol Lake (Republic of Khakasia)

Khrushcheva M. O., Tishin P. A., Nebera T. S., Chernyshov A. I., Arkhipov A. L.

Pages 99-111

History of science

E.S. Fedorov promoting the Russian-German scientific interrelationship

Paufler P., Filatov S.K.

Pages 112-134