Growth pyramids of {110} faces in natural diamonds

Klepikov I. V., Vasilev E. A., Antonov A. V., Kudryavtsev A. А.

Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society). 2021. V. 150. N 1. P. 127-133

Language: Russian 


The internal structure of two significantly dissolved cuboid diamond from placers of the Krasnovisherskiy region (the Urals) has been studied. This internal structure was visualized both from the crystal surface and on a plane-parallel polished plate. There were revealed heterogeneities in sectorial shape: areas appear as three rays emanating from one point in the general space of the growth pyramid of {100} faces. It is shown that these areas belong to growth pyramids of {110} faces. Thus, there was revealed the possibility of coexisting growth layers of {110}, {100} and {111} faces in one natural crystal.

Keywords: diamond, internal structure, sectorial structure, growth pyramids of {110} faces, cuboid