Volume 151, issue 1

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Texture and structure features of yakutites from placers of the Anabar diamondiferous region

Ugapeva S. S., Molotkov A. E., Gromilov S. A., Afanasiev V. P., Pavlushin A. D., Yelisseyev A. P., Popov V. I.

Pages 15-28

Zircon from gabbroids of the Shaka ridge (South Atlantic): U-Pb age, oxygen i sotope ratios and trace element composition

Rumyantseva N. A., Skublov S. G., Vanshtein B. G., Li X.-H., Li Q.-Li

Pages 44-73

Applied mineralogy

Zeolites of the Tatarsko-Shatrashan deposit as carriers of model albumin for promising adsorption of therapeutic proteins

Islamova R. R., Yakovleva G. Y., Tyurin A. N., Ilinskaya O. N., Lopatin O. N.

Pages 105-113