Volume 151, issue 4

Oriented Micro-Inclusions of Al–Fe–Mg–Ti Oxides in Quartz from Metapelitic Granulites of the Bunger Hills, East Antarctica

Yu. L. Gulbin, I. A. Abdrakhmanov, I. M. Gembitskaya, and E. A. Vasiliev

Pages 1-17

New minerals

Garmite, CsLiMg2(Si4O10)F2, a New Mica-Group Mineral from “Quartz Lumps” of the Darai-Piyoz Alkaline Massif, Tajikistan

L. A. Pautov, A. A. Agakhanov, I. V. Pekov, V. Yu. Karpenko, O. I. Siidra, E. V. Sokolova, F. C. Hawthorne, and A. R. Fayziev

Pages 18-32

Composition of Deposits in the Grebnevskaya Cave, Irkutsk Region

E. P. Bazarova, O. I. Kadebskaya, O. V. Korotchenkova, and M. N. Rubtsova

Pages 70-86

Mineralogical crystallography

Crystal Chemical Features of Cation-Ordered Potassium Analogue of Aqualite from the Kovdor Massif (Kola Peninsula)

R. K. Rastsvetaeva, N. V. Chukanov, I. V. Pekov, and M. F. Vigasina

Pages 87-101

Discussions, criticism, bubliography

“Quartz Lumps” in the Darai-Piyoz Alkaline Massif (Tajikistan): on Problems of Their Genesis and the Cesium Accumulation

L. A. Pautov, A. A. Agakhanov, I. V. Pekov, and V. Yu. Karpenko

Pages 102-122