Volume 151, issue 5

Mineralogy and Genesis of the Oxidation Zone of Baryte-Lead Ores, of the Ushkatyn-III Deposit, Central Kazakhstan

A. I. Brusnitsyn, E. N. Perova, E. S. Loginov, N. V. Platonova, L. A. Panova, O. S. Vereshchagin, S. N. Britvin

Pages 1-27

New minerals

New Minerals. LXXVI

V. N. Smolyaninova

Pages 27-53

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Mineral Forms of Mercury in Argillisites of Thermal Fields of South Kamchatka, Russia

E. S. Zhitova, A. A. Nuzhdaev, A. V. Sergeeva, V. V. Shilovskikh

Pages 54-70

Trace Elements and Fluid Inclusions in Milky-White Quartz from Southern Ural Deposits

M. A. Korekina, A. N. Savichev, D. A. Artemiev, O. A. Cherkasova

Pages 71-86

Forsterite from the Itkul Hyperbasite Massif, Southern Urals or Once Again about Glinkite

Yu. V. Erokhin, A. V. Zakharov, V. S. Ponomarev, D. A. Petrov, S. Yu. Kropantsev

Pages 87-101

Mineralogical cristallography

Hydrogen Bonding in Parascorodite and Relative Stability of the Fe(AsO4)·2H2O Polymorphs

S. V. Krivovichev

Pages 102-111

Discussions, criticism, bibliography

Polymineral Pseudomorphoses after Garnet in Amphibolite from Ilmensky Mountains

V. A. Popov

Pages 128-135