Volume 152, issue 4

Thermodynamics of Arsenates, Selenites, and Sulphates in the Zone of Oxidation of Sulfide Ores. XV. Solubility of the Synthetic Analogue of Mandarinoite at 25 °C

M. V. Charykova, K. L. Ushakova, A. Holzheid, V. G. Krivovichev, N. M. Efimenko, and N. V. Platonova

Pages 1-15

Minerals and mineral parageneses

Hematite from Fumaroles of the Tolbachik Volcano (Kamchatka, Russia): Chemistry, Relationship with Associated Minerals, Morphological and Genetic Features

F. D. Sandalov, I. V. Pekov, N. N. Koshlyakova, A. V. Latyshev, and P. S. Zhegunov

Pages 16-46

Major Rock-Forming Minerals of Paralava in Mongolian Combustion Metamorphic Complexes

V. E. Glushkova, I. S. Peretyazhko, E. A. Savina, and Е. А. Khromova

Pages 65-83

Mineralogical cristallography

Behavior of the Crystal Structure of Leutonite K2Ca2Cu(SO4)4⋅2H2O in the Temperature Interval from –180 to 325 °C

S. V. Demina, A. P. Shablinskii, S. K. Filatov, Y. P. Biryukov, L. P. Vergasova, M. G. Krzhizhanovskaya, R. S. Bubnova, and S.V. Moskaleva

Pages 99-115

Experimental mineralogy

Crystal Formation During Thermal Oxidation of Shungite

T. Yu. Tovpenets

Pages 116-122

Synthesis of Zirconosilicates under High-Alkaline Conditions

T. N. Kovalskaya, V. N. Ermolaeva, N. V. Chukanov, G. A. Kovalskiy, D. A. Varlamov, and K. D. Chaychuk

Pages 123-134